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Campus Facilities


The Goalie Academy Edmonton campus is home to a state-of-the-art goaltender training center.  Our private facilities allow us to offer all of our goalie training programs on a year-round basis.

The Academy arena building hosts our on-ice training sessions.  Unlike many goalie training centers, we have only real ice!  All regulation markings are also incorporated into the ice surface, allowing the student to correctly orient themselves just as they would during a real game.

Our 1,400 ft2 ice surface provides the ability to conduct drills other training facilities simply cannot.  Although we have a Boni puck shooter, we believe goalies learn more from watching the puck come off a stick blade.  Our large ice surface allows live shooter training for one-timers, break-aways, rebounds, and shoot-ins.  And, our ability to use live shooters means we can also offer complete on-ice training for ringette goalies.  

The arena building features 1,400 sq. ft. of ice surface - complete with all regulation markings

For more information on our facilities, or to arrange a tour, please contact us.